Our goal is to help you collect and promote positive feedback from your patients

SfD in partnership with Working Feedback has created the latest in online reputation management for Dental Practices Kudos

Here are just some of the features integrated as part of the package:

1. Review Tab Giving you instant credibility, this is a badge that is added to your practice website. It's often the first thing that a website visitor will notice. When clicked it displays all your live reviews in most recent order (incl. Google reviews when activated). The important thing to note here is that the visitor stays on your website rather than being redirected to another page

2. Google Reviews Everyone values Google reviews but businesses find it hard to get them consistently. We've created this feature so that when you ask for an email review through our platform it will identify any gmail addresses and send directly as a Google review request. The feature will also pull in any of your live Google reviews and display them on your website

3. Cross-selling questions If your practice provides a range of services, we've developed a feature that allows you to include these within your feedback form. It's a great way to let current customers know about other services, this could include cosmetic dentistry or facial aesthetics. We record further information requests and display the results in your Dashboard

4. Review Carousel The review carousel is an eye-catching revolving display for your reviews. It's a horizontal solid space filler for your website. All your reviews are displayed (incl. Google reviews when activated) and revolve left to right

5. Social Media Integration It's more than likely that your practice uses either Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. If you struggle for content why not link your reviews so that they automatically get posted to your social media. Reviews form unique content for you and help promote your service. With Facebook you can also replace the standard image that's posted with your own ensuring brand consistency across all marketing platforms

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