Here at Systems for Dentists we are constantly working to bring the best possible software solutions to the challenges faced by our dental clients. During this global pandemic that drive to deliver meaningful applications has never been stronger.

It has been interesting to see the many different approaches to working that our clients have taken, some taking part as UDCC’s (Urgent Dental Care Centres) others working on the phones providing triage and some offering consultations via video.

During these difficult times one constant message has been that practices need to gather detailed information from patients before they attend the practice, this started as the medical history for our UDCC practices and has evolved into an all encompassing requirement for patient correspondence as a whole.

When developing new solutions we always have to consider the entire ecosystem that the new application will form part of, for SfD this was quite easy as we had two systems that lent themselves well to what we were trying to achieve, these are our WSP (Wireless Signature Pad) and Patient Portal for online bookings and payments.

Clearly as we add additional functionality there needed to be some significant changes to the technology we were using and the development team have worked tirelessly on integrating, refactoring and in some cases doing ground up re-writes of some elements to ensure we have a scalable, stable and most importantly secure system in place for our clients to utilise.

PADS+ Stands for Patient Advanced Document System and we are extremely proud of the service especially how well the end user experience has been developed. Feedback from patients has been incredibly positive to date and with the integration of existing workflow for practices used to the WSP service we could not have made it easier for our practices to adopt the new service.

After much consideration our MD Ryszard Jurowski has decided that the Patient Portal will be included as part of PADS+ and vice versa, meaning that anyone with the Portal will automatically get the benefits of PADS+, in addition he has removed all upfront fees to take away any barriers to entry and set an introductory rate for the service that is more than generous; If this was not enough he has also suspended the minimum spend for the service until November 2020 to assist practices as they re-open.

PADS+ will be available for practice use from the 8th of June 2020. In the meanwhile, please call support and we will setup the medical side of PADS+ which will automatically upgrade itself once the full function is enabled.

If you would like some more information on PADS+ please do download the sales brochure here or contact support via email on or call 0191 500 6788.

We look forward to assisting you all with PADS+ over the coming weeks.

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