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Sunder Dharmar - Specialist Prosthodontist

I would like to take this opportunity to bring it to your attention, my experience in having 'Systems for Dentist' at our practices. Let me take you through my journey of choosing and installing the SFD system. I feel it is important for the management team of SFD to understand what excellent staff they have which is equally supported by a good dental practice system.

Since 2003 I have been using R4 and when I got my own practice I had already made up my mind to install R4 at my practice, the sales representative from R4 team was coming a week later to sign the contract. As an alternative I felt I should evaluate another system just before signing the final dotted line just to see what was on the market and at what price. It was more of curiosity rather than intention to seek another alternative system since I was so comfortable with the R4 at the hospital where I worked.

So when I contacted SFD for the first time, I came in touch with Mark Didcock and he suggested that he wanted to arrange a free demo at my practice at my convenience. I felt guilty to accept the free demo because in my mind I had already made up my mind to go with R4 and all I wanted was a quote for their system. Mark insisted on a demo and I reluctantly agreed to his gentle pressure.

At 6pm sharp on the appointed day, Adam Fearn turned up for the demo and I told him the truth about my decision to go ahead with R4. It didn't seem to have bothered him at all and even if it did he didn't show it. He presented his demo with so much energy that I took an instant liking to this guy and the system, although it was different initially to my comfort zone of using the R4.

Following the demo I stopped going ahead with R4 but still undecided. I took my own cool time and made the decision to jump to SFD. The wait was long and I think I took almost a year. During this time the only person who kept in touch with me was Mark with gentle persuasion but not undue pressure. I usually get annoyed if I get sales pitch telephone calls but for some reason I never felt like this when I got a call from Mark. He was genuine in what he said. By the end of the year Mark felt like a friend whom I have never met.

Finally I called Mark up and told him to install SFD at my private practice. Guess who came to train our staff, no prizes for guessing it was this young dynamic man called Adam again, I had almost forgotten his face. As usual he put all our staff at ease and delivered the training. After installation and during regular use we had called your support team on many occasions and each and every time your support staff always have been very helpful and in a timely manner. I am so happy to have made the right decision.

When the PCT funded our computerisation of our NHS practice I had no hesitation what so ever but to make one phone call, again no prizes for guessing it was Mark who knew exactly what I wanted although I made many changes to computer configurations etc. Mark patiently waded through my needs and we set the dates for hardware installation. The Hardware Installation was carried out by both Mark and Adam and I did not expect any problems and I was (and I am) so confident with them even to this day I have not counter checked with the quote as to what has been provided and installed.

Training day came again and I insisted to Mark that I would not accept anyone else but Adam. He obliged and as usual we got the 'A' man again. There is lots of good dental software available in the market and SFD is one of the best out there, however what makes SFD different is their staff and the support team. I am very happy to have made the right decision and hope you will continue to keep up the good work.

I wish all you the very best in future as individuals and as a company.

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