Shettleston Road Dental Surgery

Jacqueline Tierney - Principle Dentist

The problem we had with our dental software system was it was unreliable and very expensive, it was causing us problems to affect our efficiency in treating patients in the practice. The customer support was very poor and when we received note of an increase in fees we made the difficult decision to change dental software companies.

Instead of complaining about things and being unhappy we decided to take action.

What attracted us to software for dentists was some recommendations from other practices that had changed to them and after a short call a demonstration was organised and we were very impressed with the system and the team and support.

Change is never easy and yes there was some problems but the support and care we recieved was exceptional and everything was sorted.

We now have a system that is reliable with fantastic customer support that is costing the practice less. I would highly recommend SFD who care about their customers and will go all out to make sure they are happy.

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