EnVisage Dentistry

Elizabeth Burns

We signed up to Systems for Dentists last December as we had reached the deadline for treatment submission by paper

We were all a bit wary of the computer system as none of us had any experience whatsoever

David came out to practice to give us a demo then came out for a full day training before “going live” next day. The training was very easy to understand, we all felt fairly confident with using the system and next day David stayed all day making sure we were all comfortable with it. We have had some issues since then but the support system is very good, always on the end of a phone and always appear to have endless patience with us!!

Any issues they were not able to resolve immediately were dealt with eventually, most of these just code related

There is obviously a difference between the English and Scottish format for treatment claims, my only criticism would be that maybe the codes need updated for Scottish users. All in, I would have no hesitation in recommending this system, we are having to switch to another system due to the takeover of our practice but will be sorry to have to do this

So, thanks to all the support staff who are at the other end of the phone and have endless patience!!

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