With the built-in word processor you can create detailed treatment templates that will merge with all the patient information and the details of the proposed treatment plan to form a detailed planning report for the patient. Not only does this assist in ensuring informed consent with all patients undergoing large courses of treatment, but also acts as a sales tool.

As patients become better informed the old graphics showing teeth are becoming obsolete. Patients expect more detail when looking at images of teeth. SFD Version 6 has addressed this with our new charting system. Each chart can be appended to treatment planning documents or even copy to the clipboard use elsewhere in windows.

Searching through notes or images pertaining to a specific tooth are things of the past with SFD Version 6. Within the treatment section you can attach tooth specific notes that will be available to anyone looking at the chart. You can attach images to a single tooth or several teeth. The presence of this information is graphically highlighted to any user viewing the patient's treatment record.

When planning treatment there are certain tasks that will require more than one appointment. With Version 6 you are able to design these treatment procedures.

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