How Do I Set Up Laboratory Work?

There are many dental treatments that require laboratory work, SFD v6 has an in-house laboratory system to help you manage such items.

To access the Laboratories setup, click on the SFD button in the top left hand corner and select Setup from the dropdown menu.

Once you are within the Setup screen, click on the Laboratories button which is within the Contacts section.

You will be presented with the Laboratory Setup screen. To create a new Laboratory click the New button in the bottom left corner of that window.

Add in the details of the Laboratory such as its name, email, and telephone number. Then at the bottom of the screen select which days it is open, this is an important step as this will be used to generate the expected completion date when you come to use the Laboratory system.

Once you have added in all the necessary details, click Save.

Now your laboratory is setup it's time to assign 'Lab Work' to the appropriate treatment items. Click on the Items buttons within the Setup screen.

This will bring up a list of all of your treatment items. Double click on the item you wish lab work to be available for. At the bottom of the Treatment Item's property screen you will see a check box for Laboratory work, check this box and enter the expected days of completion (shown below).

Click Save to confirm your changes. Simply repeat the process for all of your treatment items that require lab work.

How do I use laboratory work?

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