Find answers on all aspects of the appointment book, from initial booking, SMS reminders, attendance and checking out.

How Do I View a 4 week Overview of Appointments

How To Add a Default Reason for a Family Appointment

How To Add a Patient Portal Pack to a Treatment Appointment

How To Adjust the Schedule for Your SMS Appointment Reminders

How To Assign an Appointment Reason Type

How To Automatically Place Cancelled Appointments on Hold

How To Change Appointment Properties

How To Create Appointment Session Types

How To Depart a Patient From your Practice

How To Place a Cancelled Appointment on Hold

How To Search for Free Space Using the 4 Week Overview

How To Set Appointments to Appear as Solid Blocks of Colour

How To Set a Default Colour for a Text Appointment

How To Set a Repeating Text Appointment

How To Set a Unique Appointment Reminder for Each Scheme

How To Set up Appointment Correspondence

How To Set up a New Appointment Book

How To Use Patient Self Check In

How To Use The Waiting List

What Do the Letters and Numbers at the Top of the Patient Appointment History Mean

how To Activate Point Scoring on the Appointment Book

How Can I Look up Appointments for a Particular Patient?

How Do I Access the Properties of an Existing Appointment?

How Do I Block Patients From Being Able to Book Appointments

How Do I Book Family Appointments?

How Do I Cancel Appointments for a Whole Day or a Number of Days?

How Do I Change Which Perfomer's Books are Visible?

How Do I Change an Appointment to a Different Day?

How Do I Know When a Patient Has Attended Their Appointment?

How Do I Print Out a Day List For One of My Performers?

How Do I Use the Treatment Clipboard?

How Do I View a Patient's Appointment History

How To Add a Note to a Day?

How To Create a Repeating Text Appointment

What Do Gingerbread Men Do and How Do I Use Them?

How To Change Day Properties?

How To Navigate the Appointment Book

How To Book An Appointment

How To Move an Appointment to Another Time on the Same Day

How Do I Shorten or Extand an Appointment?

How To Cancel an Appointment

How Do I Show Additional Patient Information in the Appointment

How To Find the Next Available Appointment

How To Print an Appointment Card

What Are The Coloured Dots on Patients Appointments

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