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How do we countersign a document with the Wireless Signature Pad?

GP17(O) eSignature

How do I report on patients who have provided GDPR consent?

How do I send documents to my contacts on mass?

How to record patient's marketing preferences (GDPR)

What is Secure Mail and how do I use it?

Are my Zebra printing settings correct?

How do I send a mass email to patients about the practice GDPR policy?

How long have SFD been providing Dental Practice Management Software?

How can I change the practice GDPR statement?

What is the program version?

Is your Support Desk situated in the United Kingdom?

Why will the program not run in the future?

Do I need to purchase a Go Live Day?

Is it necessary for every member of staff to attend training?

What training options do you offer?

Will we need to do any setting up once the software is installed?

Will we receive Verifiable CPD hours from on site training?

Can you convert and what can you convert from our existing software?

Will we need to go paper based while you convert our current software?

Can I store pathology findings within my dental software?

Do you use integrated SMS?

How do I activate the Panic Button?

How do I backup my database?

How do I change the Colour Scheme?

How do I choose which printer my documents are sent to?

How do I create Task Categories?

How do I create a new task?

How do I edit and remove recalls for a patient?

How do I print out all my FP17 forms for a particular day?

How do I switch my panic button feature into silent mode?

How do I troubleshoot network issues?

How do I use laboratory work?

How do automated recalls work?

How many updates do you release on a yearly basis?

How to schedule my offline backup?

If I create a duplicate patient how do I merge the two together?

In an emergency situation how do I print out a role call?

What can I use the 2 way SMS feature for?

What is Wireless Signature Pad capable of and how do I use the feature?

When was my last local backup?

Where do I record injections?

Will I need to purchase Microsoft Word to produce Patient Letters like you have to do for other Practice Management Systems?

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